Rebrand + Campaign
Lifewater Canada

Objective: to give Lifewater Canada a brand identity and create a compelling campaign. This charity provides safe drinking water in Africa and Haiti.

Design Choices:
This logo design represents many things starting from the water droplets created within the cursive L, to the way it looks like an abstract water pump. Its fluidity represents flowing water, and the circle represents the circle of life.

The campaign takes shape using a very large hourglass structure. The hourglass is placed in a public setting–for example, the center of Polo Park Mall. The top of the hourglass is filled with dirty water, making it a bit of an eyesore at first. In the center funnel of the structure is a water filter. When people donate money, dirty water goes through the filter and streams out clear to the bottom of the glass. The more money the person donates, the more clear water comes out. The phrase for this campaign is “Time is running out, let's make a difference”. This lets people know the urgency of the matter. About 829 000 people die every year from lack of clean water. By donating money, lives will be saved.

Lifewater logo Lifewater toolkit featuring logos, a blue toned colour palette, and fonts Image of Lifewater merch such as t-shirts, waterbottles, stickers, and a baseball cap Drawing of a large hourglass filled with water in a mall setting Image of phone screens showing Lifewater's instagram posts