Investors Report
Bookman Bakery

Objective: to analyze and organize supplied text into an investor report for a fictional company called Bookman Bakery.

Design Choices:
A word from the text that is mentioned often is “authentic”. This word is used to shape the overall concept of the design as it is reflective of the company’s story and values. Original photography is shot and positioned in a way that feels warm and inviting. The cover image is welcoming, drawing the eye in. There are many textures throughout the spreads such as the wood grain, flour, and fabric that bring warmth to the pages. Altogether, the concept and execution authentically position Bookman Bakery in a positive light to its investors because it shows how the company has proven to be successfully rooted for decades.

image of an investors report cover featuring baking supplies image of a report spread featuring pastires image of a report spread featuring bread image of a report spread featuring a baker