Feature Article
Critik Magazine

Objective: to create a 4-page feature well article for a modern design magazine called Critik. The first 2-page spread is to include a visual metaphor.

Design Choices:
The article chosen for these spreads is “Bad Behaviour” by Debbie Millman. This article has a lot of tension and built-up frustration in it. “Spitting nails” visualizes when the individuals in the article lose their tempers and let harsh words fly. The colour palette reflects the anger and drama in the piece. The linework added to the photography furthers the visual metaphor by creating a more chaotic and less-controlled feeling.

These elements continue onto the next spread. The nails then fall into a pile at the bottom of the page, representing that their words are still sitting with each other in an unpleasant way.

image of a magazine spread showing 2 silouette portraits spitting nails at each other image of a magazine spread with nail illustrations